Accommodations & Meals

Accommodations are comfortable and secure group lodging in safe, residential areas with internet cafes, international calling centers, convenience stores, markets, and restaurants conveniently in the vicinity.

Meals of sumptuous variety will be served three times daily, tantalizing your taste buds and satisfying your body’s nutritional needs while providing the cultural opportunity to eat the cuisine of the various ethnic groups found in Guinea. Enjoy succulent tropical fruits, homemade yogurt, eggs, steaming plates of rice and sauce, freshly caught fish, pounded cassava root with grilled chicken and onions garnished with cucumbers and tomatoes, mouth watering dinner specials, crusty French baguettes, and more.

Every effort will be made to accommodate students with special dietary needs.

“My stay with Andrea and Alseny was superb! The classes were challenging and fulfilling! The food excellent! My artistic and physical needs were met with understanding, leaving me wanting to return to Guinea for more!” Puja B, Santa Cruz, CA 2005/2006