Bons Moments* with Bonfils!

Incredible guest artist Ismael "Bonfils" Kouyate is coming to Eugene to teach dance workshops Friday, September 22-24! "Bonfils," whose name means "good son" in French, is a world-renowned artist hailing from Guinea, West Africa. His extensive dance and music experience includes singing and dancing a major role in the Broadway spectacle "Fela," vocals in Beyonce's "Grown Woman" hit single, and performing with Les Ballets Africains! Yes! This artist is a star from the West coast of Africa to the East coast of the United States! Truly phenomenal! Read his bio below to learn more!

September 22
6-7:30 pm

Xcape Dance Academy
420 W 12th Ave
(cross street Lawrence in Knights of Phythias Bld)

September 23

WOW Hall, Eugene
291 W 8th Ave

September 24

WOW Hall, Eugene
291 W 8th Ave

Drop-ins welcome at $15
Discounts available:
2 classes for $28 (save $2 total)
3 classes for $40 (save $5 total)

*As mentioned, Bonfils means "good son" in French. "Bons moments" roughly translates to "good times" 'cause our weekend with Bonfils will be JAM PACKED WITH GOOD TIMES! 

Ismael Kouyate was born in Guinea, West Africa to a long line of 'Griots', the praise singers that preserve the culture of Africa through songs, stories, and music. He began dancing professionally at the age of 12, when he was recruited by Les Percussions de Guinee' to perform in their international tour, which included Europe and Asia. Upon his return in 2004, he joined Ballets Africains, the National Dance Company of Guinea, for their Memoirs Du Mandeng tour of the US. From his performances on this tour, he was contracted by the team of Fela! to serve as a singer and dancer for this production. His talent and skills landed him a principle role in the play, and if you've ever seen it, a very memorable part is when Fela says, “Hey Ismaela” and Bonfils begins a full litany of spirited movement and dance that sent audiences to their feet nightly.

Ismael toured with Fela! from its humble off-Broadway roots in 2008 through its final international tours. He is the subject of a CNN special on Africa in America where his class of over 100 people ecstatically learned and modeled his movements, while speaking of their excitement to study from this legend of Guinea, many of whom had heard of him in their travels abroad.  He has also been in the studio with Beyonce, adding his amazing vocals to her hit, “Grown Woman”, the single that is featured on her Pepsi commercial.

Ismael is available as an individual performer or with his band, Waraba or his West African Dance Company, African Soul International. He is currently completing his own production about the life of King Sundiata Keita, the ruler of the Malian Empire. This story of trial and triumph will inspire people through its messages and amaze them with its vibrant choreography.