Dundun Dance-Special Class with Alseny Yansane

Are you a drummer who has always wanted to move to the rhythms you love to play, but always felt too shy to take a dance class? Or are you a dancer who has entertained the thought of drumming, but never got around to it? Or have you ever been inspired by the powerful pounding percussion combined with equally passionate dance movements seen is performance pieces from groups like Ballets Africains or Les Amazones de Guinee?

If so then you're going to love this fun and challenging special workshop! Join Alseny Yansane, as he teaches this art-form which is the perfect embodiment of simultaneous rhythm and movement! Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced drummer and/ or dancer Alseny will teach you how to coordinate your movements and synchronize your dance steps to the music that you yourself are creating. Alseny breaks down the different parts into comprehensible sub-parts, building the layers by progressively adding more dimension and dynamism until participants have built up a full on dance and drum orchestra!

Wednesday, January 20th 7-8:30 pm
Xcape Dance Academy
420 W. 12th Ave
Drop-ins welcome @ $15
$12 Students w/ valid ID

Click here for to watch short video clip of Dundun Dance Class

To reserve a drum email Andrea@ WestAfricanCulturalArts.org or call/text 541.232.5471 by January19th!.

This class provides a wonderful supplementary component to his on-going Saturday dance class. Don't miss it!