Family Fun for FREE!

During Petersen Barn’s Family Fun Night event, WACAI will lead a free guided African dance activity with live drumming! African dance, typically danced barefoot, always coincides with a drum rhythm, and it’s always a community gathering!

Similar to the way the Eugene community comes together for events like Family Fun Night, communities in Guinea come together and dance at community functions as well. Conakry, Guinea’s capital city, might be 7,000 miles from Eugene, but you can come and experience Guinean culture through music and dance right here in Eugene with WACAI!

Our dance activity will be accessible to all levels, no prior experience required! Still thinking you “can’t” dance? There are sayings that go: “If you have feet, then you can dance” and “Bad dancing never hurts the ground.” Plus, it’s always fun to get outside and try something new. Why not join WACAI for an energizing night of music and dance?

For the event, Petersen Barn will open the doors to its main community center hall to create a beautiful indoor-outdoor space. Petersen Barn offers a cozy country feel perfect for community connection and a gorgeous park environment perfect for kicking off our shoes and dancing together!

Petersen Barn will provide a tasty (and free) dinner for this event, served at 5:30 pm!

Family Fun Night
WACAI’s African dance activity: 5:45-6:45pm

Petersen Barn
870 Berntzen Rd.
Eugene, OR 97401