The Guinea Land Project Tshirt and Tank Top Fundraiser

WACAI Tank TopsGet beautiful t-shirts and tank tops while supporting an excellent cause! WACAI has a gorgeous new logo which has been printed on brightly colored shirts to help raise money for The Guinea Land Project, our capital campaign to purchase land in Guinea. Shirts come in all sizes and colors and will available for purchase in all of WACAI's classes for $15 apiece.

The Guinea Land Project is a large, on-going project who's goal is to purchase land in Guinea, West Africa for the future home of an international arts center. This arts center will provide a space for Guinean cultural performance artists to interface with and teach western students traveling to Guinea about West African culture through the arts. Additionally, the arts center will provide a space for the much sought after cultural exchange that broadens worldviews, creates powerful artistic and socio-economic alliances, fosters future humanitarian projects, strengthens communities and raises consciousness while providing an opportunity for African artists to earn a living wage.

In Guinea the average person lives on less than one dollar a day which means that most Guineans suffer the hardships of high malnutrition rates, minimal access to proper medical care, lack of a formal education or vocational training, and inability to save for the future. Additionally, over blown unemployment rates create a family system in which one or two "bread winners" are responsible for providing for as many as twenty people.

Guinean performance artists train rigorously and work very hard to not only preserve their cultural heritage, but to also help provide for their large families. Western students who visit Guinea to study the cultural arts with these artists encounter a glaring difficulty finding adequate class and rehearsal facilities. Since artists make up at least 20% of Guinea's population they have the potential to really contribute to the local economy if given the proper opportunity. It was out of this need that the mission for The Guinea Land Project was created.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by November 2017 and through outreach events, fundraisers, and the generosity of donors WACAI has already raised $10,000. Help us make that number even bigger by buying a shirt today! They make great gifts as well as being excellent gear for dance and drum classes! Thank you so much for your support!