Kids Summer Classes at Oak Hill School

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids active and engaged this summer? Enroll them in WACAI's West African Drum, Dance, and Culture classes at the Oak Hill School Summer Program! In these classes, students learn about West African culture through a variety of hands-on activities and interactive games. Note: Your child does not have to be a student at Oak Hill School during the academic year to enroll in WACAI's Oak Hill School Summer Programs.

West African Drum, Dance & Culture Class
Kids will be invigorated by learning poly-rhythmic hand drumming, traditional and contemporary group dancing, call and response singing and other percussion music like shakers, rhythm sticks, and clapping.

Each class will begin with an interactive and hands on cultural lesson complete with actual props and artifacts from West Africa as well as photos, short video clips, instruments, fabric and traditional garb. These lessons will touch upon West African history, geography and culture, which reinforce the themes that will be focused upon throughout the day.

These classes are designed to have a culminating presentation for the families to show what they’ve learned and to get real life performance experience. Students will benefit from the reinforcement of music principles while trying exciting new percussion instruments, learning to move together in group choreography, collaborating with others to create a dance sequence, and improvising through movement, as well as learn the basics of stage performance, like voice projection, stage presence, cues, and smooth entrances and exits.

August 7-11
1-4 pm
For all students in grades 3-5
$135 for 15 hours of instruction

August 14-25
1-2:30  pm
Grades K-3
For TAG and high achieving students or teacher endorsement
$140 for 15 hours of instruction, $25 application fee

This two week class August 14-25 requires a teacher endorsement which is simply a recommendation for your child to take this class. If Andrea knows your child or if your child has ever taken any classes with she or Alseny it would be possible to get an endorsement through her. Please email or call 541.232.5471 if interested.

West African Poly-Rhythms Drum Class
Hands on drum classes that will teach all the basics for learning the West African poly-rhythmic orchestra including Djembe accompaniment parts, musical signals and arrangements, solo phrases and bass drum and bell parts. Students will learn how each part relates to each other and how these different drum parts line up to fit together musically.

August 14-18
9 am-12 pm
For all students in grades 9-12 
$135 for 15 hours of instruction

The poly-rhythmic drumming from Guinea, West Africa is some of the most diverse, powerful and lovely music that I've ever heard or played. Learning all of the various parts, then playing them together as a group to create a percussive orchestra is inspiring, challenging, and satisfying. It forces people to listen and harmonize with others while staying solid on their own drum part which is not only builds skills in active listening, focus, and working as a team, but provides a beautiful metaphor for life. For me, learning and teaching this style of music is the perfect balance between cerebral stimulation and relaxed play, musical regimen and improvisation, and the embodiment of primal energy and self-expression in the modern world.

To register call 541.744.0954 or visit