Special Workshops with Guest Teacher Fana Bangoura

Fana Bangoura's Workshop Poster

West African Cultural Arts Institute welcomes Special Guest Teacher Kerfala "Fana" Bangoura back to Eugene for 3 Special Workshops the week after spring break! Scroll down for class descriptions and artist biography!

All-Levels Drum class
Thursday, March 31st
5:30-7 pm
WOW Hall
291 W. 8th Ave
Eugene, OR

Dundun Dance class
Friday, April 1st
Xcape Dance Academy
420 W. 12th Ave
Eugene, OR (cross street Lawrence in the Knights of Phythias Building)

All-Levels Dance Class
Saturday, April 2nd
11 am-12:30 pm
WOW Hall
291 W. 8th Ave
Eugene, OR

Drop-ins welcome $15 per class $12 students w/ valid ID

Need to borrow a drum/Dundun? Email Andrea@WestAfricanCulturalArts.org to reserve one today!

Class Descriptions:
All-Levels Drum Class-Drawing upon a wide repertory of music from various regions of Guinea, including the rhythms of the Susu, Malinke, and Baga people, Fana will introduce students to rhythms and technique for the various instruments in the drum ensemble, including Dunun, Sangban, and Kenkeni, as well as solo and accompaniment parts for the Djembe. We will also discuss the origins and cultural significance of each rhythm, and the songs that accompany them.

Dundun Dance Class-This fun and exciting class joins the power of percussion with the all of the dynamics of dance! Join Fana as he skillfully breaks down the drum parts with the dance movements to have you dancing and drumming in perfect unison. This is a fabulous opportunity for both drummers and dancers and is highly recommended for all skill levels!

All-Levels Dance Class-Learn traditional dance steps from Guinea, West Africa to the powerful sounds of live drumming!

Artist Biography: Kerfala “Fana” Bangoura, was named “Master Drummer” by the Guinean Ministry of Culture in 2008. He performed as a soloist for two national groups of Guinea, Percussions de Guinee and Les Ballets Africains for over 8 years. He also served for over 9 years as Percussion Director of Ballet Fareta, a Guinean company founded by Karim Keita of Ballets Africains.

In June 2010 he returned to the Pacific Northwest from five months of various U.S. performance and teaching tours. Co-workers and students have said the following about Fana: "Fana has a wonderfully expressive style and the ability to demonstrate power and stamina while maintaining the lyrical beauty of his instrument. He is internationally recognized for his abilities as an outstanding artist and patient, knowledgeable instructor.”