WACAI Fundraiser at Sweaty Ganesh Yoga

This Sunday, September 25th Sweaty Ganesh is having a Community Yoga class whose proceeds go to West African Cultural Arts Institute. This class which is open to the public and requires no previous experience will be held at Sweaty Ganesh Yoga in a warm studio environment which encourages muscle flexibility and toxin release. THIS IS NOT A HOT YOGA CLASS so don't let that deter you from enjoying an opportunity to practice yoga in a beautiful space while supporting a wonderful nonprofit organization that helps enliven the Eugene Community with dance, music, and culture from Guinea, West Africa! A suggested donation of $5-$20 will be collected at the door so please feel free to simply drop in!

For most of my life I've done some kind of stretching prior to playing sports, dancing, or just trying to work out some tight muscles. About a year and a half ago, however, I started attending yoga classes 3-5 times a week  at Sweaty Ganesha and really feel a huge difference in my health, strength, flexibility, state of mind, and mood! The yogic principle of striving for "the balance between effort and ease" has helped me conceptualize how the athletic movements in the West African dance style are meant to be executed. That is, for example, engaging muscles, like in the abdomen and the thighs to hold that hunkered down position, instead of clinching them and making the body tight and rigid. The perpetual strengthening of core muscles, opening of the heart center, and releasing of tension from hip flexors, Psoas, and hamstring muscles has helped me maintain a level of fitness that enables the continuance of this physically demanding dance form as I age. The intentional breathing and mindfulness exercises has increased my lung capacity, quieted my "monkey mind", and sharpened my focus. cOMe see for yourself how the practice of yoga can enhance your body, mind, and spirit!

It is recommended to wear stretchy pants or shorts that you can move freely in as well as a tank top or sports bra; men can feel free to go shirtless. Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, and a towel to place on top of your yoga mat. Mats are available at the studio for a $2 rental fee if you don't have your own. There are showers available after the class for you to wash off and refresh so bring a towel for that as well! 

Thanks so much for your support, I look forward to seeing you there! Andrea