Lecture Demonstrations

WACAI's lecture demonstrations are fascinating and engaging, offering a stimulating and interactive way to help participants get an authentic view of everyday life in Guinea and how these everyday life activities influences the cultural arts.

Participants can choose between a music or a dance focus to learn the cultural background of the art form and the significance behind its origins, including historical content and geographical components. These lecture demonstrations are accompanied by a powerpoint presentation that incorporates visuals such as maps, photos, and videos to create a more complete picture and enhance the story line. Traditional, handmade instruments and props are demonstrated and offer a hands on experience for participants eager to engage their tactile sense or try to emulate the material presented. The presentation truly comes alive when different styles of dances are demonstrated and musical instruments from a variety of musical traditions are played by the presenters who are passionate about sharing this vibrant culture.

These demonstrations are perfect for university or community college level courses in world music and dance, African Studies and Cultural Anthropology, and international schools seeking guest teachers and cultural outreach events at community centers. Lecture demonstrations are 1-1.5 hours long and can be done in any room or class room for as many as 100 people. Having use of a film projector with USB or VGA ports is recommended, but if unavailable WACAI can provide these for an additional charge. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a lecture demonstration.