Enhance your children’s scholastic experience by enlivening the classroom with hands on learning taught by professional teaching artists who integrate classroom curriculum and school wide themes to reinforce academic concepts and excite learners!

Professional music and dance residencies that work with educational communities to teach students and teachers West African music and dance fundamentals, the cultural significance of the art form, and the geography of where the art originates. Students will develop new skills like active listening, creative thinking and problem solving, improvisation, hand and eye coordination, and working together as a team.

Residencies consist of four sessions per day for one school week (20 hours including prep and transition time) and expose students to the joyful and passionate cultural arts of Guinea, West Africa through fun and interactive lessons in traditional and contemporary music and dance. Participants learn how to sing in the call and response style, dance energetic movements with group choreography, and play a variety of handmade instruments including drums and other percussion instruments. Residencies are typically 2-4 weeks in length and can be organized to offer classes to an entire school or focus in on specific classes. All arrangements can be made by contacting us.

  • Integrates academic concepts and classroom themes
  • Inspires creative approach to learning and problem solving
  • Stimulates learners through fun and interactive games and lessons
  • Introduces musical concepts and vocabulary, increasing music awareness and appreciation
  • Enhances team building skills through activities that improve listening, cooperation and group awareness
  • Exposes students to diverse culture and tradition expanding world views and acceptance of differences
  • Improves health through exercises that strengthen, build physical endurance, increase flexibility and confidence

“I am so impressed with Alseny & Andrea’s awesome talent as drummers and dancers. They have wonderful chemistry with the children, excellent management skills, were very professional, and their friendly, outgoing nature was welcoming to all who joined their class sessions. We thoroughly enjoyed their residency!” Roxanne S, Spring Creek Elementary School Teacher, Eugene, OR

“Andrea & Alseny completed a very successful West African rhythm and dance residency at our school. They were prompt, professional and easy to work with. The lessons were well designed, engaging and developmentally appropriate for each grade level. I recommend them to anyone interested in experiencing the beauty and excitement of West African music and dance!” Tom M, Edison Elementary School Principal

“Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane came to Willagillespie to introduce our students to West African dance and drumming. It was three weeks of fun and learning. As they taught about drumming and dancing, they included some Susu greetings and some history of how the drums and shakers are made and used. The children looked forward to going each time, were actively engaged, and came away having a great time. Both teachers and children felt it was one of the best experiences this year.” Peggy W, Willagillespie Elementary School teacher