Study Abroad

Take your passion for West African cultural arts to soaring new heights by traveling to Guinea with the West African Cultural Arts Institute December 16th, 2017 - January 5th, 2018! Join organizers, Alseny Yansane & Andrea DiPalma Yansane, their family, friends, and colleagues as your expert guides in experiencing an intimate view of Guinea, one of the richest cultures in West Africa.

Our trips offer a perfect balance of intensive study and cultural exchange that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Guinean music, dance and culture while increasing your skills and transforming your lives! Travelers will benefit deeply from learning the dance and music in an authentic cultural context, be inspired by the new perspective working deeply with a professional team of dancers and musicians brings and be transformed by the warmth, generosity and profound commitment to community that exudes from the people of Guinea.

Travelers are invited to participate in all of the various aspects of Guinean life from haggling over prices at an outdoor market, to sharing a big bowl of rice with a group of people, to attending local ceremonies, celebrations, and rites of passage. West African Cultural Arts Institute's profound commitment to uniting communities through music and dance while deepening connections and understanding through mutual sharing, respect and volunteerism ensures you a trip of a lifetime!

Our fabulous 3 week adventure begins December 2017 and the tuition is $2300 plus airfare + visa to enter Guinea and includes:

  • Tuition:
    • Food & Accommodations-bottled water not included
    • Classes-choose between dance OR drum intensive
    • Excursions to the village of Kambalia & one of the beautiful Los Islands
    • Cultural Culminating Event-Dundunba Party
    • Airport shuttle
  • comfortable, secure accommodations and delicious food
  • exceptional classes with professional artists & musicians from Guinea’s national groups Ballets Africains & Ballet Djoliba
  • cultural exchange that gives you an intimate insider’s view of Guinea traditional arts & culture
  • fabulous excursions that allow travelers to experience gorgeous landscapes and simple village life
  • exciting, high energy Dundunba party as workshop’s culminating event
  • festive and merry holiday celebrations

“The trip to Guinea was a heightened experience of physicality, emotionality, and camaraderie that continues to live strong and grow within me. I was high on dancing, lead by talented, enthusiastic teachers and musicians who soon became dear friends. A safe and comfortable home base was created allowing easy immersion into a beautiful and unfamiliar culture. From the happening capital city of Conakry, to the lush, peaceful forests and farmland of Kambalia, and across the enchanted waters to the Isle of Rhoume, where we danced on the beach as the sun went down, we were greeted by friendly, generous, and helpful souls and bright-eyed children. The experience was much more than I could have ever imagined, revealing new perspectives on myself as a dancer and as a citizen of the Earth. I live in gratitude for such an amazing opportunity.” Jenny D, Eugene, OR